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In this blog, I will try to briefly explain how we shot our first drone footage and edited it in Adobe.


Since it was supposed to be our first short movie, we wanted to shoot it in landscape for several reasons.

  • it is completely for free and you have to pay only for drive or fly. Though even for that you don’t have to drive far away because landscapes are everywhere and if you manage to shoot it smoothly it will be anyways good
  • you learn on your own and don’t bother anyone, meaning if you do mistakes, no one lost his or her time except you
  • you don’t have to write script. Of course you can if you want which may make your job a little bit easier but you can also get an idea of angle after seeing the place.
  • You don’t need to get actors. Landscapes are your actors. Trees, rivers, forests. They can play better than any human being. And again, they don’t mind if you shoot a scene once or hundred times.
  • There are no many people around.

We also did the same. We drove to Switzerland and Austria which was about 500-600 km away from our place in order to capture stunning landscapes of these countries. There you could find everything. From little lakes till breathtaking mountains.



For shooting we used only Phantom Standard 3 which is cheap budget drone available in the market that you can get for 500 euros. The only problem is battery which runs out within 25 minutes. Fly time can even be less depending on wind and other circumstances. Therefore we had 2 spare batteries and bought also adapter for the car which transfers 12V to 220V. By this we could shot the scene, and until the next spot could charge the battery during the drive.


Since we did not choose any place particularly we just drove our car to different destinations that were interesting to us. I must say that, during our travel from one destination to another, we saw even more dramatic views which covered most of the part of our footage. Everything is pretty simple, you drive and stop when you see a beautiful place, film it with your drone, and continue further.


At the end of the trip we have quite a lot of material up to 2-3 hours. Now the question was to drive back home safely and not to crash anywhere so that not to lose the material of weeks and try to edit it. That’s quite important!


During post production, we used Adobe Premier Pro where you can do well editing. Even famous directions and prominent editors are shifting more to Premier because of all its convenience. The bad and very bad thing is that you have to pay monthly fee which in my opinion is very high for average person that does not earn money on this kind of hobby.


Altogether, it took us up to one week to edit all material that we shot and make it into 6 minutes. My close friend Etibar Asadly was very kind and let us to use his music in this short movie. Our challenge was to edit music so that emotions of the footage and emotions of the song would have match. I believe at the end of the day, we somehow managed to create something what we wanted to see. Herewith, I would like to share with you the link of this short movie:




My advice would be to make some plans, and go out and shoot something. Do not pt your expectations high just dare to try. That is what important. The more you will learn when you come back home, see what you have captured and you will not repeat the same mistakes next time. Moreover, by getting familiar with your device or drone, you will have better understanding of capturing moments and next time when you go out and see scenery you will know how you want to fly in order to get the best out of it.

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Farhan Huseynli / 04 feb 2018
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Farhan Huseynli / 04 feb 2018
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